The Fashion Alien

Mar 03

“The Crowd” — Next to the runway was the crowd. And I can tell you, sometimes I didn’t knew if I should look at those wonderfully dressed up people or at the models on the runway. There were some really great outfits like the man with the skull jacket or those two beautiful ladies with their enormous headdresses.


“Before and after the show” —

It was really great to to go backstage and to see how the models are getting ready for the runway. But on the other side there was so much going on that I always had the feeling that I’m in the way.

After the show everyone was congratulating the two designers and all the photographers tried to take one last picture.

I was also able to take a closer look a Lourdinha Noyama’s wonderfull shiny dresses and that made me adore them even more. I was dazzled by all those glittery details.


Mar 01

“Lourdinha Noyama” — The second show at the iFashion event was Lourdinha Noyama. I really liked her dresses. They reminded me of the fashion in the 20ies and earlier. All those glittery details and lace patterns looked wonderfull.